Travel Essentials…In My Opinion.

Packing cubes are the absolute best luggage organizing solution. They make a great gift too!  Typically a set of packing cubes come in a  set of 4 or 5.  There are all different types but I find that the ones that will also act as compression bags help me to maximize the amount of space in my suitcase.  Compression bags also enable me to pack way more than I probably should but that’s ok. Once I have arrived at my location, these cubes also can serve as a drawer organizer.  You never even need to remove your clothes until you’re ready to wear them ensuring you’re keeping all of your things together and not in just a mixed-up pile in your suitcase that you’ll drive yourself crazy digging through.

The rollup toiletry bag is another packing essential.  It has a compartment for just about everything and it helps you stay organized while on the go.  I recommend a bag that also comes with a hook so that you can hang it in the bathroom at your destination providing quick and easy access.  If you’re limited to counter space at your new home away from home these hanging bags will help keep your things out of the way.

Silicone travel size containers are a must for your gear on the go.  When I use these I know that I’m not at risk of spilling or forgetting to bring essential body and hair care items on my adventures.  These are easy to fill, reusable and come with labels.

Safe & Happy Travels!

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