Girls’ Weekend in Orlando, FL: An Unforgettable Adventure

If there’s one thing that can make lifelong memories and strengthen friendships, it’s a girls’ weekend getaway! Recently, my friends and I embarked on an unforgettable journey to Orlando, Florida – the city of magic and dreams. From thrilling rides to delightful cuisine, we experienced it all. Since I have an obsession with Google Maps & Reviews I even created a public list of all the places we visited. So feel free to make a copy for yourself and enjoy your adventure.

Day 1: Fun & Food

Universal Studios – The Ultimate Theme Park Extravaganza!

Our adventure began immediately after we landed as we headed to meet up at the renowned Universal Studios, and we couldn’t wait to dive into the world of movies and TV shows. With our hearts pounding with excitement, we embarked on unforgettable rides. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a highlight. However, getting to ride the new Velocicoaster in the Island of Adventure was EPIC! I can’t even fully describe how incredibly mind-blowing that ride is.

Dinner at The Edison – An Electrifying Culinary Experience

As self-proclaimed foodies, our girls’ weekend wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some exquisite cuisine. The Edison at Disney Springs was high on our list of places to eat. My first experience there was during my last Orlando visit earlier this year and I absolutely had to come back. The restaurant’s theme revolves around a 1920s electric company, complete with vintage industrial decor and live entertainment that perfectly complements the dining experience.

The Edison

Day 2: Shopping, Dinner & Drinks

Dinner at Taverna Opa

Dinner at Taverna Opa in Orlando was another unforgettable experience! The lively atmosphere immediately set the tone for a fabulous evening. The food was fantastic but what truly made the night extraordinary was the entertaining tableside dancing by the staff, encouraging us to join in the festive spirit. None of us danced but we had fun watching and being showered with napkins. So so many napkins. This was only the start of our evening. Next, we headed to downtown Orlando.

The Wellborn Restaurant and Bar – A Gastronomic Adventure

The Wellborn Restaurant and Bar proved to be the perfect destination. Another hidden gem in Orlando impressed us with its sophisticated yet cozy ambiance. We found it on TikTok and just knew we had to check it out.

The handcrafted cocktails were amazing and we loved the fact that they could make any of the cocktails a mocktail. The friendly staff and warm hospitality added to the overall charm of the place. Ordering was also a breeze. Orders were placed through the app on our phones and delivered promptly to our table. It was nice to not have to stand in a line or wonder when the next server was going to come by. Next trip, I want to visit again and try the food.

Oh and yep, that’s me in a bathtub pictured below. There’s no shortage of great photo ops at The Wellborn 🙂

High T – Elevating Afternoon Tea to New Heights

If you think afternoon tea is a mundane affair, think again! High T, an elegant tearoom in Orlando, redefined the traditional ritual with a modern twist. From the moment we stepped in, we were captivated by the chic decor and inviting aroma of freshly brewed teas. The delectable assortment of sandwiches, pastries, and scones made it a culinary delight. The experience was elevated with attentive service and a delightful selection of teas from around the world. Sipping tea while sharing laughter and heartfelt conversations with my friends was undoubtedly a high point of our trip.

As we bid adieu to Orlando, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the magical moments we shared during this unforgettable girls’ weekend. From heart-racing adventures at Universal Studios to the stylish indulgence of The Edison, and the gastronomic adventure at The Wellborn, each experience left us with beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Orlando has a way of igniting the spirit of adventure and bonding friendships like no other place. If you’re planning a girls’ weekend getaway, make sure to put Orlando, FL, on your list. It’s a city that caters to everyone’s dreams, whether you’re seeking thrills, relaxation, or simply the joy of being with your favorite people.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your besties, pack your bags, and get ready for a magical journey in the enchanting city of Orlando! Adventure awaits!

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